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Why does my TV picture break up?


There are two characteristics of digital TV signal that are both equally important. Signal strength and Signal quality.

Signal strength is self-explanatory. It is the amount of signal that is present (Think of it like the ‘volume’ of signal)
Signal quality refers to the amount of errors that are in the signal. This is known as a ‘Bit Error Rate‘ (BER).
There are almost always errors present in the signal that your TV is receiving no matter what type of antenna you have or how good the signal is in your area.

The reason that digital TV picture and sound is so nice and clear is because your digital TV or set top box etc. can ‘detect’ errors that are present in the signal and correct them (error correction). So, nice clear picture and sound.
Pixelation (The disjointed blocks on the screen) occurs when either the signal strength is too low OR the number of errors in the signal is too great and the TV cannot correct the errors.

So why does your TV Picture break up has many reasons, all of which we at Wynne Antennas can help you fix it.

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