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Antenna Installation

We specialise in digital antenna installations/repairs

Antenna installation
Your existing TV antenna may be capable of receiving the digital broadcast; however, the age and condition of your antenna can affect the performance of your digital TV or set top box.

Our qualified technicians can carry out digital field strength testing and provide you with the best possible solution, whether that be  the installation of a new digital antenna or the relocation or repair of your existing antenna. We also have TV antenna signal boosters/amplifiers on hand if required.

Here at Wynne’s Home Electronics we stock only high-quality VHF/UHF antennas and have installed hundreds of antennas within the Brisbane area, making us the right choice for all your antenna servicing needs.

We can assist with:
– Digital upgrade
– TV antenna installation
– TV antenna replacement
– Low-signal area solutions
– Residential or commercial (MATV)

For a TV reception solution that suits your needs call Wynne’s Home Electronics today on 0418 982 966.